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Top Rated Tools

1. My Wacko Site
 My Wacko Site is "wacking up Myspace users" all over. This site is extremely helpful for any Myspace user trying to add a creative layout to their profile. Ther...
2. The HTML Website
 Filter to your social networking fancy: myspace codes, html codes and xanga codes available. Audio, background, cursors, disabling codes, extras, marquees video...
3. My Cons
 Free buddy icons from cute to funny to risque. You're bound to find a free icon that works for you!
4. 123MyCodes
 Formerly, 123myspace: Comprehensive directory for Myspace profiles: codes, myspace layouts, myspace editor, backgrounds, wallpapers, games, colors, effects, cur...
5. Quizilla
 This site has an amazing archive of hot new portfolio quizzes, stories, journals, and poems ready to be added. Seriously, dude - A quiz for everything.
 A really simple site with some very powerful tools. They have an awesome free MySpace Group layout generator, as well as a free scrollbar color generator, ways...
7. The Flash Source
 Free flash games for your MySpace! Free flash music player to embed in your MySpace! Simple site, easy to use.
8. Pimp My WWW
 This site has a plethora of things to do to your myspace profile: Myspace Layouts. Features for blogs and myspace, Generators, Graphics, Flash games, Flash to...
9. Discover Clips
 Offers free music video codes to put on blogs like myspace or xanga. Includes internal search engine, top 10 music video list, Hip Hop, RnB, Contemporary and D...
10. Shimmering Graphix
 In addition to glitter graphics, the site also shows you how to incorporate games and music video into you profile. MySpace Tutorials, Forums, Downloads, Games...
11. BBZ Myspace Profile Generator
 Create a custom contact table! You SO need this for MySpace! Pimp your profile even further with this amazing generator! Myspace generator? Yeah, that's what I ...
12. Off Huge
 Tons of great music and music video codes for MySpace, Xanga, LiveJournal, Bolt--you name it!
13. Blog Things
 A Blog Thing is a quiz, memo, or toy you can put in your blog or journal! Myspace blogthings, quizzes, awesome add-ons, scripts, etc! You need blog things--a bo...
14. Bunny Hero Labs
 So you're not allowed to have a pet or your allergic, create/adopt a cyber pet on Bunny Hero Labs! From the ordinary profile dog or cat to a cute penguin! This ...
15. KewlBox
 Free games for MySpace and free games for your profile/blog! Super easy to use and the user can play and preview games.
16. Media Lunchbox
 This site is good if you want to add funny content to your page.It also has AIM and MSN emoticons.
17. MySpaceIMG
 Quickly and easily upload your images using this website. For Myspace, Ebay, LiveJournal, Xanga, Friendster, forums, blogs, etc. Keep track of your images, or ...
18. Banner MySpace
 Many MySpace Banners: abstract, animals, autos, anime, sport, dark, games, girly, sexy, misc, simple. Also ability to host your images
19. Video Code Lab
 "You found the #1 source for myspace codes, myspace graphic codes, myspace layout codes, myspace icon codes, myspace background codes, myspace glitter codes and...
20. Fix MySpace
 One of the most well layed out sites that we've seen! Great free glitter graphics, free animations, free avatars, and free everything for your MySpace! So get o...
21. Legend of Zelda--Game Revolution
 Game Revolution brings out on of their best games for you to place in your blog/profile!
22. My Glitter Space
 If you're into glitter, look not further, this is the site for you. This site has any glitter graphic you can want from letters to signs to layouts and much muc...
23. MySpace Clipart
 Myspace Clip Art is filled with tons of myspace profile enhancers. It has myspace layouts, animations, graphics and generators.
24. The Doll Palace
 This site is focused on creating dolls to put on your profiles or send to friends.
25. Mbif's Backgrounds
 Backgrounds for your MySpace, layouts for your blogs, plus hot cursors for your websites. They have color charts, text alterations, text mouseovers, tables, and...
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